Ligation of anti-cancer drugs to self-assembling ultrashort peptides by click chemistry for localized therapy

Authors: Reithofer, Michael R.; Chan, Kiat-Hwa; Lakshmanan, Anupama; Lam, Dang Hoang; Mishra, Archana; Gopalan, Began; Joshi, Mangesh; Wang, Shu; Hauser, Charlotte A. E.; Chemical Science; (2014); 10.1039/c3sc51930a

Self-assembling ultrashort peptides from aliphatic amino acids were functionalized with platinum anti-cancer drugs by click chemistry. Oxaliplatin-derived hybrid peptide hydrogels with up to 40% drug loading were tested for localized breast cancer therapy. Stably injected gels showed significant tumor growth inhibition in mice and a better tolerance compared to the free platinum drug.