Synthesis and mass spectrometry analysis of quaternary cryptando-peptidic conjugates

Authors: Bachor, Remigiusz; Kluczyk, Alicja; Stefanowicz, Piotr; Szewczuk, Zbigniew; Journal of Peptide Science; (2015); 10.1002/psc.2830

The bicyclic amines in the form of cryptands, the crown ether analogs, were used in the synthesis of cryptando-peptidic conjugates with simultaneous formation of quaternary ammonium nitrogen moiety. A series of model cryptando-peptidic conjugates at the peptide N-terminus was efficiently prepared by the standard Fmoc solid phase synthesis. Tandem mass spectrometric analysis of the obtained conjugates has shown the specific fragmentation pattern during MS/MS experiment. The obtained cryptandic quaternary ammonium group undergoes the Hofmann elimination during collision-induced dissociation fragmentation followed by the ethoxyl group elimination. The presented quaternization of cryptands by iodoacetylated peptides is relatively easy and compatible with standard solid-phase peptide synthesis. Additionally, the applicability of such peptide derivatives and their isotopologues selectively deuterated at the ?-carbon in the quantitative LC-MS analysis was analyzed.